Baikalpik Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC-1, Kavre district
Opened 3rd August 2010


Baikaplik Primary school was opened in August 2010 and was the project of teacher Mike Gough and the students of Arnewood School and Carisbrooke High School. In June 2009 trustees of DCWC Nepal had visited Arnewood school to attend a Nepal day organised by the school. The event was to raise awareness of Nepal and to start to raise funds to build a school in Nepal. By the end of 2009 funds had been raised and the school build was under way. The school opened in the summer of 2010 and many of the students went to Nepal to open the school and to do some trekking.


Arnewood School Nepal Project

We have been very fortunate to have Arnewood school from New Milton in Hampshire, offer to build a school in Nepal to be completed in summer of 2010. The students are undertaking a variety of projects to raise the £4000 needed. On June 12 they held a Nepal day at the school where DCWC Nepal attended and spent the day with the students undertakind different exercises.

Arnewood School Nepal Day, June 12th, 2009

Bev Hargreaves DCWC Nepal Arnewood school
Bev Hargreaves of DCWC Nepal with Arnewood school students

Three trustees from DCWC Nepal, Bev Hargreaves, Paul Hargreaves and Gary Collier, travelled down to the south coast to be present at the Arnewood school Nepal day on 12th June 2009. The day was organised by International co-ordinater Mike Gough and the main focus of the day was for the students to get involved in creating an animated gif.

Prayer Flags made by the pupils

Sheeps milk against Yaks milk research
Master craftsmen of Arnewood school
Arnewood school Nepali Lanterns
Arnewood schools students creating Nepali Lanterns
Paul and Bev with Arnewood school science teacher

All through the day the students undertook a variety of different projects to do with Nepalese culture. The students were seen making Nepali Lanterns, Prayer flags and other different design orientated projects. The students in the science laboratory did experiments on the difference between sheeps and Yaks milk though we weren't quite sure where you get Yaks milk in New Milton.

Gary, Bev and Paul DCWC Nepal cheque Arnewood school
Gary, Paul and Bev with cheque from Arnewood school students

Later in the day the school hosted a Nepali evening where guests were treated to fine Nepali cuisine cooked by the local Gurkhas. There was also entertainment provided by a Nepali dance troop and a wonderful Gurkha dance routine. Gary from DCWC Nepal did a speech on behalf of the charity to explain the background to the work done in Nepal and information about the projects.

DCWC Nepal documentary as viewed by guests
A taste of Nepali dancing culture
Gurkhas DCWC Nepal Arnewood school
DCWC Nepal cheque Arnewood school
Entertainment Gurkha style
Headmaster Chris Hummerstone presents the cheque

The children, who had come to school out of uniform, paid £1 each for the privelege. This along with the evenings proceedings raised £1500 to go with the £1500 they have already raised towards the school build in Nepal in 2010. Headmaster Chris Hummerstone is giving up three weeks of his summer vacation to cycle from Lands end to John o' Groats to raise more funds for DCWC Nepal.

Paul and Bev Hargreaves DCWC Nepal Arnewood school

Paul & Bev and Isabel & Petronella who are going to Nepal

Students hard at work
Students finishing their Animated Gifs
Arnewood students modelling their Lanterns
More beautiful handmade prayer flags
Paul as ever with a smile on his face

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Arnewood School for the wonderful work they are doing and the very kind hospitality they showed us during our day. We would like to give a special thank you to Mike Gough for all is tireless work on the project and to Headmaster Chris Hummerstone for his support and the kind gesture regarding the charity cycle project this summer.