We have been very fortunate to recieve generous funding from Sue Hamilton CEO of Childcare organisation Modus. Situated in Bolton, Modus is based on ethical practice and and a desire to give those most vulnerable a safe environment to achieve their potential. Sue most certainly puts these ethics to work by the support she has given to DCWC Nepal knowing thats exactly were the money donated goes to. We would like to thank Sue and Modus for their very kind support.

To see Modus website click here >



We start with Bury based company UAP for good reason. UAP have been a super sponsor for us building 4 schools, raising £15,000 from a Charity ball, funding filming for a documentary and they havent finished there. Plans are afoot for UAP to add some further funding towards the hospital build. As well as all of this, Company executive Dave Jennings is also keen to support our functions and is always very generous. We would like to take this opportunity to again thank Dave and UAP for their very valued support

For more information & photos of UAP support click here >

We have received support from several branches of the Rotary club, but it is the Rotary club of Blackpool South that we owe our biggest gratitude. With particular kind help from Ron Marshall and Penny Marshall-Kalina they have undertaken several fund raising events, which with the aid of the matching grant has raised £10,000 to purchase much needed Hospital equipment for the Hospital build. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Ron and Penny and the other Rotarians along with Rotary club of Banepa in Nepal.

To see Blackpool south Rotary club website click here >

We have been very honoured to be involved with the great Joe Longthorne who has donated funding from his concerts to help DCWC Nepal. Joe recently donated a rare gold coin on gold chain, which along with his other fundraising activities have raised many thousands for DCWC Nepal. We are one of four of Joes favourite charities to be featured in his upcoming 40th Anniversary tour along with The Antony Nolan trust, Variety club, and Terrence Higgins trust. We would like to remind Joe how very much we appreciate his kindness

To see the official Joe Longthorne website click here >

Accrington Stanley have been made famous by a milk advert but they are pretty famous now in Kartike Deurali. The fans of Accrington Stanley referred to as "Stanley Ultras" did a sponsored walk to an away game at Rochdale and raised enough to build a school in this rural village. Co-ordinated by life long Accy's fan Steve Lowe the boys also got two full Accrington Stanley kits (one home, one away) to donate to the children in the village. We would like to thank Steve and all the Accy Stanley fans who participated in the project.

To the Stanley Ultras website click here >

We were very fortunate to be approached by HSBC bank offering to raise funding to build a school in Nepal. Each year the HSBC have a charity ball in Manchester with the proceeds going to different charities. The event was co-ordinated by Andy Collins who was the regional manager of HSBC branch in Preston. The proceeds from the evening were split between three charities and this was enough to raise the sum required for a school. We would like to thank Andy and the customers of HSBC who very kindly donated this sum.




A regular supporter of our DCWC Nepal events has been John Ditchfield. John and his Glasform Company are famous worldwide for their exquisite glass blowing designs and his workshop near Blackpool has been visited by Royalty and the famous alike. John has donated many pieces of his work for us to raise funding at our charity events. We would like to thank John and Glasform for the great support they have given to us.

To see the Glasform website click here >

We have been working with several schools now on a "School for a School" project. Congleton High School in Crewe in Cheshire became the first school to go down this route. After a visit to DCWC Nepal by teacher Caroline Eckersley the school put into place a project for the pupils to raise enough money to build a school. By undertaking several money raising projects in their own time the pupils raised enough and the school was built in Makwanpur. We would like to thank Caroline and all at Congleton high school for their kind gesture.

To see Congleton High School website click here >



Another school working towards building a school is Arnewood School based in New Milton, Hampshire. They are at present raising funding to build a school in 2010. The project which is being co-ordinated by Mike Gough will involve 16 students and 2 teachers who will go out to open the school and stay in the village for several days to help out and get involved in the project. We would like to thank in advance Mike and the pupils of Arnewood for getting involved with our DCWC Nepal projects.

For more information of the Arnewood Nepal project click >

Hulme Court Prepararatory School in Oldham are another school to have become involved with our fund raising. Hulme Court is part of the Oldham Hulme family of schools and is a school local to our patron Sean Wilson. It was through Sean that the project got under way and the school raised a total of £2300, which is being used towards our hospital project. We would like to thank the school for their very kind donation.

To see Oldham Hulme school website click here >

We were approached by John McLoughlin of Manchester Polymer group who were holding a charity ball in Manchester in January of 2009. John was aware of the work DCWC Nepal do with his association to Dave Jennings of UAP and offered to include us as one of the benefactors of the monies raised on the evening. Patron Sean Wilson attended on behalf of DCWC Nepal and the evening raised £1300 towards our hospital build. We would like to thank Mike and all at Manchester Polymer group for their very kind donation.

To see the Manchester Polymer group website click here >

We have received several sizeable donations from Glasdons charitable giving committee, which have totalled well over £1500. We would like to thank the charitable giving committee at Glasdons and also Suzie Sands who was involved in the processes. Part of this was Suzies very sizeable bid for Antonio Forcione's signed acoustic guitar at the DCWC Nepal charity ball in 2008.

We would also like to thank -

Marjorie & Geoff Cooke, Luke Jones, Peter Jones, Tony Andrew, Philipa Reid-Dalglish, Bill & Tess Bodis, Miss H Domiter, Jon Wright, Ethel & Ken, Suzie Sands, Cliff Honey, John Probert, John Birch, Jamie Newburn, John Farrow, Gianclaudio Antonelli, Neil Bates, Mike Collier, Derek Whipp, Simon Booth, Richard Kane, Juan Vizoso, Nicki Grey, Jenny Powlson, Paul Guest, J Hunter, Suzanne Seminoff, Katherine Hunt, William Stephenson, Prints direct, Jacqueline Ingram, Phil Sollom, Jo Rutherford, Andrew Butterfield, Christine Whitnall, Henry Hubball, Annette and Robert Booth, Ellen Lyndley, Brian Kilcline, Lynne Kilcline, Eddie Martin, Heera Gurung, Pauline Feeney, Christine Whitnall, Phil Panton, Joan Moore, Sue Henderson, Chris Booth, Kenneth Opitz, Binh Tran, Chris Clar,k Zoe fortune, Hugh Maxwell, Denise Cachia, Fiona Collier, Alan & Yvonne, Jones Keith & Sandra Hall, Catherine Walkden, Dil Gurung, Jim & Barbara, Ian Macnally, Chris Bruce, Kathleen Fingleton, Sharon Jennings, Chris Pankhurst, Emma Wise, Richard Jennings, fiona whitworth, Janis Witham, Michael Smith, Gary Lovatt, Barry Pizer, Paul Allen, Steven Griffin, Darren Mcminn, Richard Crisp, David Underwood, Janice Raso, Wendy Martin, Steve Bent, Debra Smyth, Iris and George, Tim Royle, Your Yoga, Benchmark, Dave Greensit, Asif Mahmud, Eric Henshaw,

And the many others who have given us very kind help over the years