In 2002 whilst travelling through Tibet and Nepal Gary met Akka (DCWC in Nepal) in Kathmandu and listened to Akkas vision for the charity he had started in 2000. On returning to the UK Gary started fund raising activities with wife Sharon spending a lot of the their spare time doing car boot sales, charity walks and other fund raising activities. They also set up Pink Lotus a company selling Buddhist Dharma products and Thangka aimed at ethical trading and giving work and skills to Nepali craftsmen. A year later along with wife Sharon, they decided a charity was needed here in the UK. In 2004 they set up DCWC Nepal as a UK registered charity and have watched it grow in strength and numbers since then. Gary visits Nepal three times a year and has been there to oversee most DCWC Nepal projects and annual Everest base camp treks.  
  Sharon is the wife of Gary and has also been there since the charities beginning. After Garys visit to Nepal in 2002 when he met Akka who runs the charity there, they started raising funds to help the poor in Nepal. In 2003 they gave up their jobs as Civil servants to concentrate on raising funds for the charity and to make a living from ethically trading Tibetan Buddhist goods. They have both an internet business ( and a shop, and also set up a workshop in Kathmandu to pay a fair wage. Sharon went out in 2005 to see more about how the charity works out there and to help with several clothes distributions. Gary & Sharon have been very pro-active in providing a future for an under priveleged little Nepali girl who was abandoned by her parents. They have brought her to the UK to help to give her a brighter future.  
  James is techy at DCWC Nepal. He makes his living through media and web design and that was how he first made contact with Gary and Sharon back in 2005. On hearing about our Everest base camp treks, without a second thought he declared himself in for the 2006 trek. After being present at the opening of Kalika Malika he became a trustee in 2006. James designed the website for DCWC Nepal and is more than capable of ensuring the technical aspects of our events run smoothly. James runs a youth group at Cleveleys Methodist Church and through 2007 - 2008 he co-ordinated various fund raising projects, which culminated in them raising sufficient to build a school. James took a group out to Nepal to open the school. With his wealth of experience at dealing with youngsters James is a hit with the children at schools both here and in Nepal.  
  Wife of Patrick, Caroles story in the earlier days runs pretty much parallel to Patricks. She went out to Nepal on the trek in 2005 and was part of the group to visit Nagarkot school and do a clothes distribution. In 2006 when asked, Carole didnt hesitate in becoming a trustee of DCWC Nepal and since this time has worked tirelessly for the charity. At the shop she runs with Patrick they have done fund raising events and even set up a little DCWC Nepal shop on the premises. Like Patrick, Carole knows a lot of contacts within the Blackpool variety fraternity and enjoys very much getting her teeth into the organisational aspects of our DCWC Nepal functions. Carole works well with Joe Longthorne and through this has helped to raise invaluable funds. Carole is also secretary for the charity and is responsible for all aspects of book keeping.  
  Patricks connection with the charity stretches back to Akkas (DCWC president in Nepal) first visit to UK in 2004. On visiting Patricks shop we got on to talking about Nepal and Everest. Patrick had been reading an Everest book and signed up to do the trek for 2005 with his wife Carole. Whilst out in Nepal, after doing the trek, Patrick was part of a group to visit a school in Nagarkot to do a clothes distribution. In the ensuing year the charity started to rapidly expand and he and Carole were brought in as trustees in 2006. Patrick seems to know anyone who's worth knowing on the variety circuit in Blackpool and his son Jamie is the manager of Joe Longthorne. This has always been a big bonus to the charity when it comes to events, as we are never short of contacts and people willing to help.  
  Our first meeting with Bev and husband Paul was, of all places, on the path to Everest Base Camp in April 2005. After stopping for a break we got talking and found they ran a hotel in Lytham St Annes, in the same place the charity is based. It was the second time they had visited to Nepal and had developed a big affection for the country and its people. On returning to the UK we kept in touch and after a time they offered their hotel up to the charity to hold fund raising events. It was at one of these very functions, an auction, that we were first approached by Dave Jennings of UAP who was impressed by our presentation and offered to build us a series of five schools. Bev became a trustee in the summer of 2007. With a catering background and experience of running pubs and hotels Bev always has a big impact at our DCWC Nepal functions.  
  Like wife Bev we first met Paul on the trail to Everest base camp, and was, and still am, taken by his very infectious laugh. Though we only spent a few days with them on the way up we struck a great friendship with them back in the UK. Paul became a trustee in summer of 2007 and has utilised the Hotel he runs with Bev to raise funds in a number of unique ways. His biggest hit has probably been his DCWC Nepal "Poker nights" which he runs on a reasonably regular basis. These have raised some great funding for the charity as well as raising the charities profile on the back of the publicity it generates. Paul is a seasoned campaigner in the pubs and Hotels trade and thus has a wealth of background and knowledge when it comes to functions and fundraisers. He's never short of ideas and whether good or bad he'll still have a cracking laugh about it!  
  David is back on board with us after having been one of our original trustees back in 1995. He had some time away but returned again early in 2011 to resume his role as a DCWC Nepal trustee. Even in his time away David has been a regular visitor to Nepal having grown to love the place and their people. In the early days he was one of just 3 trustees with Gary and Sharon and was active in the "car boot" days when funds were a little trickier to come by. It,s great to have him back on board. He has a very infectious personality and get make the Nepalis laugh with very little effort. David looks after the child sponsorship side of things which is something close to his heart as he sponsors Ranju (pictured with him to the right. He has regularly visited the village Ranju lives in which is the same village (Rajabas) as our DCWC Nepal hospital.  
  Jasons involvement with DCWC Nepal started with a chance meeting with Phil Hanson whilst holding an event to raise funds for Tibetan refugee in Nepal. Jason is a talented documentary maker and this was the connection that brought him and the charity together. Dave Jennings from UAP decided he would like film footage of the schools UAP were about to build so Jason was commissioned to shoot a documentary. Jason had good connections with our now Patron Sean Wilson and brought him in for the two trips that year. Jason went out to film in Nepal, which was The Everest base camp trek and Bimphedi school opening, and returned in the August for the Chaurikhola festival. He became a trustee in the summer of 2007 and was back in 2009 shooting more school openings. Jason works tirelessly for the charity and is invaluable with his technical background and knowledge.